1953 Sedan window run restorations questions

I'm at the point where I've pulled all my glass from my doors and need to rebuild the window run channels on my passenger door. The front one on the vent is easy to get to since it is out of the door itself, the rear one extends into the door body 17" and I see now way of removing it. I think its welded in there.
Question1: How do I remove this piece or do I?
Question2: When I do get it out, how do I rebuild the cat whiskers in the window runs?

I seem to remember someone posting that they used Velcro from HobbyShack or something. Does that ring a bell with anyone? I've put pictures of where I'm at in the project on the web site below, as Step3 on the 53Resto URL Dave Carter

JETman>The front run is a different size than the rears.  It is riveted to the vent assembly.
 the rear one, It's glued.  Just rip it out. Jet

Hi Dave,
Saw your pictures. Nice job. Now specifics. Window run comes with the stainless steel beads. Buy from a  number of sources. Use dimensions of original as a "go by". Should be identical to your 50. It is bent to the shape of the steel run and is held at the inside bottom by a clip with alligator type jaws. You can also use a good cement to attach it. Inner and outer cat whiskers come with stainless steel bead. Carefully remove the clips w/o prying much to open them. They are available from a number of vendors. Check around as I have seen them as cheap as $0.10 each. You could also see what the newer cars are using as some of the newer types work better as they clip over the edge of the metal on the door. You may want to keep one set of originals to compare to. The window run that is in the door window channel can be torn out and tossed (see above). The front vertical run can be rebuilt if you cannot find an original. On my 51 I used the new car channel cemented into the original vertical channel that was down inside the door. If the window flops around(in and out) you can weld a short 3/8" (check size) rod to the bottom of the guide thus lengthening it. Just don't make it so long that it hits the bottom inside of the door with the window rolled down.
Paul Villforth

You should be able to get the window run from most of the Studebaker vendors like Studebaker International, etc. Try JCWhitney too. They have been carrying it for years. The inner and outer cats whiskers should be available from Stude International. Get an issue of Hemmings. There should be a bunch of vendors with the parts too. Many makes of cars used the same pieces. You just need to know the full length of the pieces to make sure that you get enough for each application. Cat whiskers come in two types rigid and bendable. Long sections can be cut to make two. In that case just copy your originals. The last time I bought some, I got it from Special Interest Autos. Bob Johnson used to own it and now he works for Stude International. If you call them ask to talk to him and he will know what you need.
Paul Villforth

Too, If you have a Body Parts manual look in the back under the standard parts index, you can find the window glass run (1706XA Length in inches; like 1706XA 45-3/4). 1624X1 is the cat whisker fastener for a 1/4" hole and the part number for the cat whisker is 1618XB Length and is called window glass weatherseal. Another piece that fits between the glass and the glass channel that attaches to the window crank is Window Glass Cushion(1770XLength) and has a lip on the outside and inside to help the water to run down the door instead of over the crank mechanism. This lip usually gets torn or broken off the first time the window is taken out of the door, Sometime it cracks off due to age.Since so many cars used the same thickness of side glass for years, there should not be a problem in finding the window run. Just make sure it is the flexible kind that you get.

Sent you the page with the standard parts listed for your windows. Just add the length to make up the rest of the part number. If the leght is a bit less than what you need, you can use the numbers as is. Better to have a little to cut off than not enough. If I were you, use 1/16" thick double backed tape to hold the weather channel in place. May be able to use same tape in 1/16" thickness to hold on cats whiskers. Get this stuff at autobody supplier. It is the same studd used to hold on emblems on newer cars.   May want to use it to hold on your Studebaker emblems and eliminate the paint chipping the original fastener causes. If you do a careful job no one will ever know.