Wow, the clutch is really stuck, time to pull it apart and replace what's needed. Turned out the throw out bearing and disk were rusted to the transmission main shaft. Spent the better part of the day getting it apart.

Cleaned up the old parts, and installed the new disk, pressure plate and bearing, and now it moves and has 'driveway brakes'.

I just had to hook up the blower, and the damn thing works fine.

Here's the sad old gal sporting the new tires and painted wheels I just added. I've ordered new rockers, and Studebob found me a pair of rust free fenders.

OK, it's a bit of a dog right now, but not that many R2 Larks were built and this one was worth saving. I did pick up a 63 Daytona parts car that will provide a lot of needed parts and the rest of the parts car (engine and 4 speed drive line) will be sold. Anyone need a 4 speed conversion ?

The floors will take a little welding, the dash is shot, but the speedometer only show 58,000 miles.

Almost done.