Month one, the car arrives at my home in Maryland

   The engine was covered in South Dakota dust and looked pretty sad. The blower and odds and ends were in the trunk.

Time to hose it down with POR 15's Marine Clean and see how bad the engine is stuck.

It's amazing how nice it cleaned up in just a few minutes, now to see we can get it loose. I filled all the cylinders with Kroil, pulled the valve covers to make sure the valves were free and primed the engine with oil by spinning the oil pump. A few hours off the truck, she turned over a quarter turn and quit. The next morning I reached over the fender to jump the starter switch and was rewarded with a T-shirt full of Kroil as the engine spun over. I installed fresh plug wires, cap, rotor and points in preparation to see if she would fire.

Hooked up a fuel line into a gas can, poured a little gas in the carb and gave it a shot. First it sputtered a few time, than starting firing on 4, than 6, than finally all 8 cylinders. LOTS of smoke until I burned all the Kroil out, than settled down to a idle. Tried to install the fan, but it would not clear the Dodge radiator, swapped the now tired starter motor for a rebuilt unit and moved on to the clutch.